I met Marianne in a networking group we both attended regularly. I was not new to Feng Shui and when I learned that Marianne was a certified professional Feng Shui consultant I immediately approached her and asked her to help me with my business. I was going thru a tough divorce and struggling to start my own business. I desperately needed to increase the cash flow as soon as possible. I also found myself working a lot and not much was ever accomplished. Marianne studied my work space and the nature of my business. She was very keen identifying blockages and energy robbers. I was very impressed at how much she accomplished. After only one consultation my world completely changed. Out of nowhere I started to get new work and also received money for jobs that had been invoiced weeks ago. I got refunds in the mail that I was not expecting. At the same time the improvements we made to my office area made me feel more comfortable and helped me work more efficiently. With cash coming in and less time at the desk my stress level decreased significantly. I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of these things without Marianne’s help.

Emma F., Libertyville, IL – June 2015