success-keyA Feng Shui Consultant will identify the quality of energy that moves through ;your environment and how it affects your life in a positive or negative way.  it will determine what is presenting the ROADBLOCKS to your SCCESS and help you to remove them.  It will bring your
imbalances into BALANCE in order to strengthen your GOALS and to bring them about quicker.

After a consultation you will understand how the various of your living space relate to different aspects of your life – such as CAREER, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, FAME, RELATIONSHIPS, CREATIVITY AND FAMILY.  By making various adjustments to key areas in the living space or office, positive energy will be able to enter and help you achieve your goals.

Services Offered
  • Residential Consultation
  • Business/Office Consultation
  • Feng Shui for Buying or Selling Property
  • Properly design a Fen Shui Living Spaceopportunity-key
  • Feng Shui the Home Office
  • Feng Shui Commercial Properties
  • Feng Shui Dorm Rooms for Student Success
  • Staging a Property to Sell
Courses Offered
  • achievement-keyFeng Shui 101,102,103
  • Feng Shui Staging for Realtors and Home Stagers
  • Feng shui for Landscape Design
Workshops Offered
  • Creating a POWER OFFICE
  • Dressing for SUCCESSstrategy-key
  • Practical Applications of Feng Shui to have it all – SUCCESS, HEALTH, ROMANCE & PROSPERITY
  • Techniques to Transform your Space in Order to Transform your Life