by Kathryn Weber

One of the most potent symbols of luck and wealth in Chinese symbology is the fish. Fish are representative of water which is the element most associated with income and wealth creation. Fish are frequently kept and displayed for their wealth-giving symbolism and as a natural environmental enhancer.

As a result, there are many depictions of fish in a variety of forms that are used in Chinese textiles, figures, and art work that include fish.

These depictions range from the simple county fair goldfish to extravagant lion-headed goldfish, koi, and the “dragon fish” called the arrowana, is reputedly the “millionaire’s fish” for the wealthy people who keep them.

Adding fish symbols and actual fish into your home or office environment is to bring the water element into play. This adds the dimension of wealth, auspicious water benefits such as renewed income, career advancement and new business opportunity. The Chinese word for fish, yu, means abundance, and having live fish or fish symbols bestows abundance to those who display them.

This makes fish a wonderful feng shui enhancer for anyone looking to attract wealth and prosperity!

Read more tips below on how to use fish in your environment to attract wealth, income, career advancement and business opportunity to your home.

Use as a protector.

Display images of fish or keeping fish is considered especially auspicious and offers protective qualities and as a way to attract good luck. Look for fish figurines, jewelry or designs to wear for attracting beneficial wealth energy.

Use to earn more money.

Want to be a millionaire? Then look for an arrowana fish. These fish, also called dragon fish, are highly prized in Asia for their ability to magnify wealth producing opportunities. Do be careful to purchase the right size aquarium for these fast growing and aggressive fish that should be never be mixed with other fish.

They should also be trained to eat pellet food rather than live food to enhance their good karma. Keep a single arrowana in the north corner of your home or living room for the best luck!

Use them as symbols of love.

The double fish is a representation of the conjugal and loving union. Wear the double fish or display it in the southwest corner of love to protect your loving union.

Use them to enhance your career.

Added to the north, fish are excellent activators for the career corner of the north. Displaying fish or keeping fish will help to propel your career forward and bring opportunities in business.

Use them as a remedy.

Fish are excellent to protect you particularly from the negative 7 star. The 7 stars metal energy is defeated in the presence of an aquarium as the water drains the energy of the 7 star. In this way, fish can help protect you from accident and loss, the most

Use the correct number of fish.

When it comes to the number of fish to keep, it’s always best to keep them in groups of nine. The best ratio is eight gold colored fish and one black colored fish. The black fish is the “yin” dot that activates the gold yang fish. Its black color is said to absorb negative energy. If you want to enhance love, keep two gold fish or two koi carp.

Fish act as shock absorbers.

Remember that all fish, even goldfish improperly kept in plastic bags at carnivals and fairs, must have oxygenated water. It is a fallacy that goldfish can live without an oxygenator in their aquariums. That being said, if your fish are cared for properly but one suddenly dies (as if often the case with other pets, too), the fish are believed to have absorbed a negative energy for you. So think of these fish as willing to sacrifice themselves for your benefit.