by Annette Rugolo – Sept 2017

Family karma is energy inherited from your family and lives on in the DNA that is passed from one generation to another.

Have you ever noticed how different families have their own unique set of challenges?  Some families have a history of alcohol abuse, others a history of arthritis, diabetes or heart disease.  Part of my family lineage, for example, has a history of bipolar disease and when traced back, we can see it came from my great grandfather’s lineage.

These are physical indications of karmic patterns but there are also emotional or mental patterns and these patterns that can keep you from living the life your soul is here to live.  

Some of these patterns can be old beliefs, judgments, family grudges, fears or a history of physical, emotional and mental abuses.

Every person in a family carries some of these energies and has the opportunity to clear them so they are not passed down to the next generations.

This is important work because as we clear our family karma, we are opening up a clear road for the generations that come after us.  The souls born into our family may have their individual karma to clear but they will not be weighed down with family karma.

Group karma is created by a group of souls instead of one individual soul.  When an entire group of souls make a choice that creates more density instead of harmony or gets stuck in the energy created by an event, the energy effects the entire group of souls and at some point, these souls find each other in order to work through their karma.

An example of this might be a lifetime when a group of people are being taught by a teacher.  The teacher goes into her/his ego and misleads the group, taking them into some practices of the dark arts.

The teacher is creating his/her own karma but karma is also created for the students who continue to stay with the teacher even when an inner voice tells them to leave.  They may have stayed out of obligation, fear of not finding another teacher, or perhaps allowing to be coerced into staying by another student of the group that is blind to what the teacher is doing.

There is a group energy that takes over at times and when we blindly follow instead of listening to our own inner voice, we create a disconnect or misalignment from our soul purpose and this creates karma.