by Annette Rugolo

You may be more aware of the energy in your environment than you might think! Many people tell me that they do not feel energy but when I dowse their homes, I’m able to show them just how aware of energy they actually are.

A few years ago, a self-employed father asked me to dowse his home, which also included a home office. Although the office was set up in a beautiful room in the home, he never spent any time in the room. He said he ended up feeling tired and fuzzy-headed after spending only 10 minutes in the space. Ultimately, it became an expensive storage space while he sat working at the dining room table. 

When dowsing and curing the energy of his home, I found stress lines in his office called “Interference Lines” which are created by cell towers and satellite dishes. These Interference Lines generally create headaches and allergy like symptoms for people. With so many of these lines in his office, he had a hard time feeling energized and inspired in his work.

Instead, he found a space in his home where a positive energy field existed. This energy field, known as a positive vortex, is a place where he could do his work with lots of energy and ease.

He didn’t know these different kinds of energy existed in his home but he knew what places felt good and which places did not. You may be doing the same thing in your home as you make decisions about where to spend your time.

Are there places in your home that you or your family enjoy more than others? Are there places that are completely avoided?