by Annette Rugolo

As I shared in an earlier blog post, geopathic stress lines are created by underground water or fault lines and there are certain insects that follow these lines through your yard and into your home. Let’s continue exploring your yard and look for other indicators of geopathic stress. 

Just like insects, there are certain trees that also love geopathic stress lines. Evergreens, willows and holly trees have taken on the job of absorbing the energy of these lines and as a result, will grow very fast and can actually double in size in a short period of time.

When you begin looking for geopathic stress lines in your environment, start by looking around your yard and home for insects and then notice the various trees… Are there evergreens, willows or holly trees that are larger than the other trees around them?

Have you planted one of these types of trees just a few years ago and were amazed at how fast it grew? This is a definite indicator that there is a strong geopathic stress line underneath.

Even though evergreens, willows and holly thrive in this energy, other vegetation will not fare as well.

While dowsing and curing geopathic stress lines in my client’s yard, there was a hole in the front yard where I found a geopathic stress line. I asked the owner what happened and she informed me that they had just removed a dead tree the week before and hadn’t filled it in yet. When I showed her that the geopathic stress line was going through the center of the hole, she then told me that three different trees had been planted in that place and all had died! They could not figure out what they were doing wrong as the rest of the trees on their property were thriving.

Cultures who knew this knowledge hundreds and even thousands of years ago, before there were dowsing cures, would simply find where the geopathic stress lines were and not build their homes and plant their gardens in these areas.

Isn’t it great to know there are now cures for these stress lines and we don’t have to move or replant our gardens!