Marianne Kaplan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice of FENG SHUI. She has a Bachelor of Science from DePaul University, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Adler Institute, Certification in Classical ( Compass) Feng Shui  through Red Lotus Master Certification and with Marie Diamond International Feng Shui Master, Gold Level Western Feng Shui, Advanced Dowsing Certification, and in Feng Shui Real Estate Staging. She was an instructor in the Secondary Education forum as well as for the Adler Institute (Teacher Effectiveness Training & Parenting Classes).  She had a Therapy Practice for 8 years and worked as Marketing Director for Phoenix Construction, which inspired her to start and enjoy a Feng Shui Consultation Practice.

She has always enjoyed the Art of Transforming Spaces ( Internal & External ) — so as to provide a dynamic and rewarding environment . Her counseling background adds an extra benefit which enables her to fully understand the CHALLENGES AND LIMITATIONS facing individuals. This helps them transform their lives in a timely manner by UNLOCKING THE ROADBLOCKS with the KEYS TO SUCCESS.

Her clients include a variety of Entrepeneurs: financial planners, realtors, career coaches, MLM leaders, small business owners and Real Estate Stagers, to mention a few. She continues her education in the Field of Feng Shui in order to offer her clients the most comprehensive and complete PERSONAL ANALYSIS and consultation. The goal is to bring the Imbalances into Balance — so that the clients can strengthen their goals and bring them about in the most expeditious manner.

Her successes have been numerous and include:

  • individual accomplishments
  • improved relationships – family, workplace and romance
  • increased speed of home sales
  • business prosperity – by attracting more clients
  • health and harmony balance

She also leads workshops and classes on the following topics:

  • The Art of Building a Power Office
  • How to Feng Shui Your Business
  • Dress for Success with the Feng Shui Advantage
  • Learn How to Enhance your Career Success — by Enhancing Your Home & Office appropriately
  • Feng Shui Your Way to Health
  • Feng Shui Your House or Office for Prosperity
  • Feng Shui 101 for the Realtor and Real Estate Stager
  • Feng Shui 911 — for the Dorm Room or any Student Study Area
  • The Basics of Dowsing and How it can Improve the Overall
  • Energy of Your Space
  • The Cost of Clutter — Emotional, Financial, Physical, & Psychological
  • Igniting Your Personal Power

So if you are feeling STUCK in any area of your LIFE — schedule a CONSULTATION with Marianne and she’ll help to TRANSFORM your LIFE with the Feng Shui Advantage.